Great Math Tips And Tricks



     This is a list of simple and effective concepts, tips, and tricks that will help you to excel in math.  No matter what your level of knowledge, these tips will help you get the most out of what you already know about math and help you to learn even faster in the future.


Tip 1Your Mindset is Everything.  Stay calm and relaxed when you’re working on your math.  Math can have a tendency of making people really stressed out really fast.  The more stressed out you are, the more clouded your thinking becomes; and the more difficult the math seems to be – which, of course, makes you even more stressed.  Avoid this cycle. Stay calm and relaxed, and your mind will stay clear. You will understand more, make fewer mistakes, and perhaps even have fun while solving your problems.


Tip 2If you start to feel stressed, take a break!!  Even if you are under a tight deadline or in the middle of a final exam, if you feel stressed, take a little break - if only for two minutes!


Tip 3Try to turn every math problem you do into a problem that you already know how to solve.  The great mathematicians of the world will all tell you that the secret to solving complex math problems is to find a way to turn them into a simple problem that you have already solved.


Tip 4Practice makes Permanent.  The only real way to master math is to practice!  The more practice problems you do, the faster you will be able to solve them and the fewer mistakes you will make.  Even when you understand all the key concepts, you will probably still make small mistakes like forgetting a minus sign or thinking that 2 + 3 is 6.  We all make these mistakes; but the more practice you have, the fewer you will make.


Tip 5Write out everything clearly!!!  This is important for many reasons:  It will help you to think in a clear and efficient way, it will help you to easily track down mistakes; and if it’s a graded test or homework, your teacher will be able to more easily follow what you wrote and assign you partial credit if you happen to get it wrong.

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