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Q:  How does online tutoring work?

A:  There are two main types of tutoring. You can either make an advance appointment, or you can get immediate help. Just click on the "Tutoring" tab.  You can always make an advance appointment by clicking on "Make An Appointment". If a tutor is available for immediate help, you will see the option "Get Help Right Now". You go to your appointment through a link in the confirmation email sent to you when you have completed your payment.


Q:  What are the classes and tutoring sessions like?

A:  Once you are at your appointment you will be able to hear your instructor through your computer speakers and see the lecture notes on your screen.  There will be an interactive whiteboard where you and your instructor can write out additional notes.  When you have a question, just type it into the instant messenger; and your instructor will answer it.  We have designed to work as smoothly as possible.


Q:  In what ways can I work with a tutor

A:  You can request a one-on-one tutor if you like or attend an interactive web class, where you will be able to ask questions as an instructor goes over the material you need help in.


Q:  How much does online math tutoring cost?

A:  At, a one-on-one tutor costs $4.95 per 15 minutes, $9.95 per half hour, or $17.95 per hour. The cost is the same for advance appointments as it is for immediate help.  You also can attend a 50 minute long interactive class for $9.95. 


Q:  Can I request a specific class?

A:  Yes!  Please feel free to request a class on any aspect of math you want.  When a total of three people (including yourself) register for the class, we will schedule it. 


Q:  What can and can’t Pass Math Class help me with? 

A:  Pass Math Class is here to help you truly learn math, and in the process, pass your class.  We cannot do take-home tests or quizzes or homework for you.  We can show you examples and impart true understanding to you, helping you to master math


Q:  How can I contact you if I have any questions?

A:  Just follow the link “Contact Us” or send an email to  


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