Info about Pass Math Class


      Pass Math Class is a collection of math experts --- experts at math itself and experts at teaching math. We give the student true understanding.  Pass Math Class tutors have backgrounds in many areas of math and science, including astrophysics, electrical engineering, and pure mathematics.  They enjoy the pursuit of knowledge and helping other people learn.  Their careers revolve around solving problems.  They know what it is to have difficulty with math.


     Tutors at Pass Math Class use their knowledge to help other people pass their math classes so they can go on with their dreams.



     We will show you the central concepts that are the key to a full understanding of math. When you learn and truly understand these basic principles, math will be easy for you. You will have an understanding of math that you at one time thought was impossible. Math far too often becomes a roadblock to people on their way to a great career. We are here for these people especially.